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That famous happy ending. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

Happy New Year [Jan. 1st, 2016|02:56 pm]
Rebecca How?
2015 has been swell, it was a really great year for me. Here are some milestones that I have been working on:

1) Spending more time with the family.
This included cycling sessions with my dad and also eating together with the family more often.

2) Keeping fit
For the most part of 2015, I've been actively exercising and watching what I consume. However it's starting to go downhill.

3) Church life and the Christian life
Spiritually I think I have come a long way. God has been real in my life and He is working through some of my amazing friends. It's been great, really.

4) Working life
Wow, this is the hardest aspect of life so far. I have had several run-ins with my colleagues and it wasn't the most pleasant experience. In any case, it's really difficult to be spiritual in the workplace. I find it hard to be excellent in my work too. Sometimes pride gets in the way and that hinders me from being loving. However I had the chance to travel to Thailand, Myanmmar, Vietnam, France and the UK while working so that's really the most memorable part of work for me.

5) Friends
An eventful year of meet-ups and gatherings. Had the chance to meet up with long-lost friends from CCPS and SAC! Ongoing friendships have also been further strengthened. I am really greatful for all these wonderful souls who have been placed around me.

For 2016, I hope to:

1) Continue to read my Bible, pray, go to church and talk to church people

2) See my workplace as a mission field, treating everyone as someone who needs the Lord

3) Love those around me more and more

4) Be healthy and lose more weight (~5kg)

5) Continually remember to be thankful and contented

6) Spend more time with the family

Week 12 of Uni [May. 27th, 2013|09:41 pm]
Rebecca How?
[Current Mood |gloomygloomy]

Woah, it's Week 12 already?!

I think I really need to put in more than 100% to pull my grades up, especially my in-semester performance for International Finance being the worst and Public Finance trailing close behind. Or the other way around, whatever (have not received my in-semester grades for PF).

I hope I will be able to maintain my 70% average, I am so close to falling back to the 60% range. Sighs.

Time to do my tutorials for this week and finish it up ASAP so I can embark on some early revision.

Number of days till my first exam: 15 days
Number of days till my last exam: 31 days

All the best to me.



Pondering [May. 20th, 2013|09:55 pm]
Rebecca How?
[Current Mood |weirdweird]

I have also realised that over the course of two years in a different country with different people, I am starting to be more aware of how I behave among people. I am ashamed to say that I must have been such an annoying idiot to many of my friends and potentially deterring new people from hanging out with me. I used to think that people here are culturally different from me, I was also under the impression that the Singporeans I've met here are also different from me.

I think I have been gravely mistaken, I think the problem lies with me.

Maybe the way I was brought up had a part to play in this, I might appear calculative because my parents were rather strict with regards to money. Perhaps growing up in a Christian family and a relatively staunch church made me a 'weirdo' to others who do not understand why I priortise church over everything else. Or it could simply be the fact that my friends don't disapprove outrightly about my behaviour and instead they have been very patronising about it.

I did come to a conclusion where I fully agree that I don't think/ponder/wonder about things enough before launching right into them. Somehow the impulsiveness would reveal a lot about me. My friends would probably find my behaviour very predictable. Yet ironically I feel that I am unable to express my feelings/thoughts effectively. What I mean is that I feel that people sometimes misunderstand me because I am unable to convey myself well enough.

I have also concluded that I am generally a selfish person, I don't really know how to show care and concern for other people. I don't know how to consider people's feelings when I need to. I tend to impose what I want at the expense of the feelings of my friends/family.

It scares me that all these feelings are coming from somewhere and they are all coming rushing towards me, I wonder if I am depressed. HAHA. They have been floating around my head for quite sometime, but I must say I am starting to feel better after letting it out here.

I am starting to change my behaviour, trying to think a bit more before I act on things or sprout nonsense to people.

I blame this stupid post on the essay I am working on (it's driving me nuts and it's taking longer than expected to complete). Sheeesh.


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